Ideas to explore:

Electronic book (highLowTech poppable)
Edible electronics with gelatine
Vinyl cut cooper circuits
Vinyl cut double sided adhesive sheet to create circuits
Magnet connectors
Capacitive button inside a 3D printed object
Capacitive button on the reverse of a paper print

Wifi microcontroller ESP8266 aliexpress

Oil filled boxes for weatherproofing electronics

123D Autodesk, interlocked slice
Lasercut food

Laser cutting

La chambre blanche experiments logbook

Gcodetools included
Stroke text included (Render->Hershey)

http://fabble.cc/uploads/attachment/content/550a01616769742fb8821f00/SLITLIGHTEG101A.exe Slit light creator, convert an grey levels image to circles of lines for lasercutting

Visicut, OSX controller for Epilog https://hci.rwth-aachen.de/visicut
"Vinyl" record http://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Cut-Record/
LAOS Laser, hardware and software http://redmine.laoslaser.org/projects/laos/wiki
GCode plugins

Laser cutting attachement for 3D printer


highlowtech.org A very inspiring MIT Media Lab research group
www.kobakant.at/DIY Extensive collection of resources for materials in DIY electronics
www.plusea.at More projects in alternative interfaces and electronics

http://fabmodules.org/ Format converter


Sewed snaps as electrical connectors
Old cellphone battery, using the cellphone as charger
LiPo battery packs for RC modeling
LiPo battery needs a circuit to balance the discharge of its different cells
Backup cellphone battery (power bank), usb 5V, all electronics included, cheap and easy to find