Who am I

For DCP création, mastering and many other Digital cinema related services, visit akadcp.com

Technical Director with extensive knowledge of all areas involved in productions of any type and size. Always moving in the surroundings of entertainment and communication: events, festivals, circus, theatre, photography, radio, web development, live TV, video, etc.

Right now specialising in live performances, and on my way for high level acrobatic rigging. All combined with my experience in production and a desire to keep learning every day.

I do a lot of photography. It's a way to look and learn when approaching new areas, and forcing me to look with a new perspective on the well-knowns. And some photos are also a nice offer when trying to get in contact with new and stimulating projets.

Technical Director for the Quebec City Film Festival fcvq.ca

Acrobatic rigger at Cirquazerna Fever from La Caserne 18-30 (photos)

Photos from État d'Urgence, working as technical assistant

Photos from lighting and stage design for concert "Zaragoza con Aitana"

"Carromato" Videoclip with my Direction of Photography

Video and photos from my lighting design of "Las andanzas del Capitán Giróvagus" www.miradha.com