Ideas to explore:

Electronic book (highLowTech poppable)

Edible electronics with gelatine

Vinyl cut cooper circuits

Vinyl cut double sided adhesive sheet to create circuits

Magnet connectors

Capacitive button inside a 3D printed object

Capacitive button on the reverse of a paper print

Wifi microcontroller ESP8266 aliexpress

Oil filled boxes for weatherproofing electronics

Shadow poem http://people.artcenter.edu/~jsong5/thesis/

123D Autodesk, interlocked slice

Lasercut food

Book binding http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~daniela/finebinding/

Laser cutting

La chambre blanche experiments logbook

Inkscape http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Inkscape

Gcodetools included

Stroke text included (Render->Hershey)

http://fabble.cc/uploads/attachment/content/550a01616769742fb8821f00/SLITLIGHTEG101A.exe Slit light creator, convert an grey levels image to circles of lines for lasercutting

Visicut, OSX controller for Epilog https://hci.rwth-aachen.de/visicut

"Vinyl" record http://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Cut-Record/

LAOS Laser, hardware and software http://redmine.laoslaser.org/projects/laos/wiki

GCode plugins


Laser cutting attachement for 3D printer




highlowtech.org A very inspiring MIT Media Lab research group

www.kobakant.at/DIY Extensive collection of resources for materials in DIY electronics

www.plusea.at More projects in alternative interfaces and electronics

http://fabmodules.org/ Format converter


Sewed snaps as electrical connectors

Old cellphone battery, using the cellphone as charger

LiPo battery packs for RC modeling

LiPo battery needs a circuit to balance the discharge of its different cells

Backup cellphone battery (power bank), usb 5V, all electronics included, cheap and easy to find